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Brazil’s Betting Regulator Issues Ordinance for Accreditation of Testing Laboratories

The Ministry of Finance (the “Regulator”) issued the Ordinance MF-SPA/MF No. 300 (hereafter “the Ordinance”), which sets forth guidelines, requirements, and procedures for accreditation of testing laboratories in relation to betting systems, live gaming studios, and online games.

Within this framework, testing laboratories recognized by the Regulator will have the authority to issue a Brazil-specific certificate, thereby confirming that the betting systems, live gaming studios, and online games submitted by operators seeking regulatory approval fully meet the technical standards specified in the future regulation.

Testing laboratories that are interested must fulfill a range of technical and legal criteria, which include technical competence, operational security, and adherence to the sector’s relevant regulations. The accreditation process requires the submission of precise documentation via the Electronic Information System (SEI).

As outlined in Article 17, the operational capacity recognition awarded to a certifying entity will remain valid for three years, provided that the conditions of legal qualification, fiscal and labor compliance, integrity, and technical competency demonstrated at the time the application was submitted are maintained.

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