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Internet and social networks redefine every day how people interact and business is done. This ongoing change requires the attention, flexibility, and special care that our firm is ready to offer.

Bichara e Motta Advogados expertise in the Digital Law and Innovation field involves the following services:

  • Organizing the business operations for professionals in this field, seeking an efficient corporate and tax structuring;
  • Drafting software and applications development, as well aslicensing and copyright transfer agreements;
  • Legal advice on drafting contracts with advertising agencies for social media campaigns and/or service hiring;
  • Domain name, software, and trademark protection;
  • Domain name dispute resolution in and out of courts;
  • Drafting and revising terms of use and privacy policies;
  • Fighting against social network profiles that are false and/or violate client’s rights; and
  • Court remedies for obtaining users data to curb Internet abuses.

With the exponential growth of online gambling in recent years, the gambling industry has occupied a prominent position globally.

Relying on the flexibility of a boutique law firm, Bichara e Motta Advogados is ready to offer consultancy and legal advice to clients seeking to explore or provide services in the gambling and betting industry within the Brazilian territory.

Bichara e Motta Advogados expertise in Betting and Gaming area involves the following services:

  • Strategic planning of the betting operation, considering industry’s legal and regulatory scenario in Brazil;
  • Advice and legal opinion drafting on legal feasibility of the business model to be implemented by the company in Brazil;
  • Corporate and operational structuring of gaming and betting companies;
  • Public authority licensing/authorization;
  • Advice, contract drafting, and negotiations with investors, media conglomerates, software developers, technology companies, data collection, payment methods, iGaming supplier, bet monitoring, marketing affiliates, etc.;
  • Sports integrity protection and combating the manipulation of results;
  • Negotiation of commercial partnerships with sports entities and sports events broadcasting contracts (“betting rights”); and
  • Drafting image assignment, use and exploitation, brand licensing and sponsorship related contracts in the sports market.

The cryptoassets market has been expanding in several extremely promising and attractive new business models in recent years.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) trading has inaugurated a new era in the artistic market and opened the possibility for musicians, developers, content producers, and artists from the most diverse areas to negotiate the digital property of their works with fans, collectors or ordinary investors.

In the sports field, clubs, athletes, leagues and federations have been exploiting several possibilities in the cryptoassets market, including Fan Tokens and the tokenization of future receivables, which have already been yielding million-dollar revenues to some of these market players.

In this challenging and legally complex operational scenario, Bichara e Motta Advogados’ team is prepared to assist its clients in the most diverse demands related to the cryptoassets industry, ready to provide the necessary legal support in this disruptive and innovative market.

We believe that the best approach to LGPD framing should take into account two complementary aspects: on one hand, identifying the material risks imposed by the size, nature, and purpose of each client’s data processing, and, on the other hand, raising awareness on the importance and scope of the topic, through permanent monitoring of its social, political and legislative evolution in Brazil and worldwide. This will allow our clients to develop a critical view and position themselves strategically looking forward.

To this end, we propose the following courses of action:

  1. Consultation. Preliminary analysis on personal data processing, to determine whether or not the client’s conduct complies with LGPD, pointing out risks, solutions and advising on how to comply with the legislation.
  2. Follow-up. Preparing a manual to adapt to the new legislation, with clear, objective, step-by-step instructions, including, if necessary, interaction with the technology development staff, to ensure technical security measures are taken to process personal data.


These actions allow taking the first step to build a proper and proportional data protection strategy, tailored to the type, scope, and risk potential of each client processing data.

Our team remains at your disposal to answer any questions and monitor the process of adapting to LGPD.