Music and TV

Bichara e Motta Advogados has extensive experience in the entertainment industry, particularly with the legal and negotiable aspects of the music and television industries.

With a team of specialists in those areas, Bichara e Motta Advogados provides legal advice to all individuals related to the music field such as singers, bands, music producers, composers, instrumentalists and distributors. The firm also advises actors, media celebrities, directors, producers, scriptwriters and agents in the television industry.

Based on its philosophy of personalized service and the flexibility that only a specialized firm can provide, Bichara e Motta Advogados understands and respects its clients’ artistic needs. In response, the team quickly and professionally reacts by organizing and protecting every aspect of their business activities so the client can focus on the essence of their artistic works.

Particularly, the following services are provided by the law firm with respect to Music and TV law:


  • Organizing business activities related to professionals in the music and TV industries, in order to create and maintain an efficient corporate and tax structure;
  • Drafting and reviewing labor contracts, as well as image and voice release agreements for actors and singers;
  • Creating legal mechanisms aimed at protecting the author rights and intellectual property of singers and actors.
  • Drafting and reviewing of sponsorship and brand licensing agreements;
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts of production, co-production and recording distribution, pre-sale, and licensing of audio and video tracks rights;
  • Drafting and reviewing ancillary contracts related to the provision of services, leasing of spaces, insurance companies and unions of professional categories;
  • Tours, concerts and CD/DVD recordings;
  • Providing regulatory advice for proceedings and authorizations before the Brazilian Cinema National Agency (ANCINE);

Providing advice and representation in disputes arising out of the music and TV industries such as counterfeiting, unauthorized use of brands, voice and/or image, as well as disputes related to intellectual property rights and commercial transactions.